Thursday, November 10, 2011

Continuing Dee's Ist day with Photo 4

Photo 4 shows that Dee is working on the "Big Form". In sculpture terms this means attempting to get the general shape of the positioning of the head on the neck. Notice she includes" the top knot" of hair which immediately gives the illusion of recognition. just as you would recognise a friend from the back without seeing the features.
These first important measurements set the tone for the rest of the sculpture. As you can see in Photo 1 there is a 2x2 inch wooden armature which your clay neck must fit securely around. To get the positioning of the chin, 2 rulers are used . One ruler is placed on the base of the neck on the Jade sculpture (horizontal fashion) and the other is placed on the tip of the jade chin making a right angle with the horizontal ruler. You can read off the measurements (a) on the horizontal ruler you have the distance that Jade's chin projects from the hollow in the neck (the clavicle) which is 3inches and on the vertical ruler you have the height which is 3 and 3/4 of an inch. If your Model is live this is also the technique to use. Using your ruler again measure from Jade's chin to where the neck slopes. This is one important way to get the head sitting correctly on the armature and this is what I demonstrated to Dee.
When I teach beginners how to sculpt I always use a sculpted head. They are easy to work from. You can measure incessantly and they won't complain. Your live model however will want many breaks and complain if you accidently stab her with the pointed end of your callipers.

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